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Smart Stepfamilies

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The Smart Stepfamily Bonus Material & Deleted Chapters (2014 edition)

We just couldn't make it all fit! The 2014 edition of The Smart Stepfamily is definitely revised and expanded, but we still didn't have enough room to include everything I wanted in the print edition of the book. So, we made it available to you here--for free! May it bless you richly.
 --Ron L. Deal
How Does Scripture Apply to Stepfamilies?
Perhaps we should ask, how do passages about the "ideal family" apply to stepfamilies? Read More...
A Message to the Church: Ministering to Stepfamilies
The great-grandchildren of the stepfamilies in your church and community need you to be faithful in the task of strengthening their ancestors. Indeed, stepfamily couple education and stepfamily enrichment are necessary and vital aspects of ministry in this new millenium. The only question is, when will you begin?  Read More...
Promised Land Stories: Hope for the Journey
Everyone needs an encouraging story. Read the testimonies of stepfamilies, in the midst of their journey, sharing their hope and success.  Read More...
Managing Your Money
Information on recommended financial advisors, stock options, retirement benefits, and more...  Read More...
Family Meetings: A Tool for Problem Solving
One general strategy for managing issues and pitfalls is the family meeting. This is an effective tool that can be utilized in a variety of circumstances.  Read More...
Tools for Helping Children Thrive Between Homes
I have learned a great deal from the stepfamilies that participate in my seminars. One group activity in particular is especially helpful in clarifying for adults what children need as they travel back and forth between homes. Without revealing any secrets as to how the activity is structured, let me share the most helpful realizations parents have made through the years. Read More...
An Open Letter to Co-Parents
How can co-parents build cooperation between homes? This open letter may help. Find instructions for sharing this with your co-parent in The Smart Stepfamily, Revised & Expanded edition (2014).  Read More...
Smart Questions, Smart Answers
Smart Step Three: Two-STEP (Marriage)
Building a marriage that can thrive in the stepfamily home requires two solidly committed disciples of Christ and a healthy couple relationship. It is imperative that stepfamily couples learn all they can about healthy marital relationships and give constant attention and energy to strengthening their marriage. Read More...
Permission Forms for Stepfamilies
Because biological parents and stepparents don't have the same legal ties to children, special permissions are necessary for stepparents to, for example, give medical consent for a child to be examined by a doctor, take children on overnight trips away from home, and pick up school records.  Click here to view/download some practical permission forms.  Read More...

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