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Smart Stepfamilies

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Other Marriage & Family Seminars by Ron & Nan Deal


In addition to the Building A Successful Stepfamily seminar, Ron Deal presents the following seminars for couples and families.  Contact him for information on speaking fees and available dates.


Marriage Enrichment -An open, frank conference for married couples.

  • Couple Checkup Conference - The Couple Checkup Research Team conducted an analysis of over one hundred thousand couples, just like you, from around the world and discovered the strengths of highly intimate, happy couples. Our research has resulted in two acclaimed hardcover books (The Couple Checkup and the forthcoming The Remarriage Checkup) and now, a live conference event for dating, engaged, married, and remarried couples from author, conference speaker, and research team member Ron L. Deal. But this is not just another marriage conference. Yes, it’s humorous, practical, and rooted in Biblical wisdom, but it’s also personal.  Very personal. Learn more...
  • "Passionate Sexuality: Igniting Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Oneness in Marriage" - This seminar boldly addresses a critical—but often undressed—aspect of marriage. Not for the easily embarrassed, topics include Solomon on Sexual Passion, Discovering Your Sexual Potential, and the Politics of Sexual Desire.  A great seminar or retreat event for married couples.
  • "Connecting" - A practical one-day workshop that equips healthy and distressed couples with vital skills for communicating effectively and managing conflict. Based on Christian PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) from the University of Denver.

Family & Parenting -

  • "Positive Parenting: Proven Strategies for Raising Healthy Kids"  - This seminar teaches parents practical discipline techniques that teach children self-discipline, character, and appropriate behavior.
  • "Christian Family Wellness" - An interactive family series (or retreat) that teaches survival skills of healthy families. This international program has proven successful in multiple cultures and with various family types (intact, single-parent, and stepfamily).  An intergenerational event that brings the entire family together.
  • "Shaping the Faith of the Next Generation" - All parents want their children to become faithful and remain faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  But how do parents practically train up a child? This 3-4 hour seminar tells parents what they can do to shape their children’s faith.

Leadership Consultation & Training:

  • Stepfamily Therapy - half-day or one-day training workshop
  • Establishing a Church-Based Counseling Center
  • Family Life Ministry & the Church
  • Ron is a national trainer of the Prepare/Enrich Couple Relationship Profile - for pastoral and professional use in premarital and marital counseling.

The following popular sermons and class topics are also available for worship assemblies and special classes.


  1. "Getting a Handle on Love When Your Love Handles Get You" –  A fun, whimsical look at marriage throughout the seasons of life. Rooted in Ephesians 5, this lessons reveals God's plan to give couples a "loving, competition of kindness" in marriage. Includes relationship principles appropriate for singles, dating couples, and married couples alike. Ron's most requested presentation.   
  2. "When You Have a Less-than-Perfect Family" We all want to look perfect, especially at church. But the inside story that we all know to be true is that we aren't. Families of the Bible weren't perfect either. What can we learn from their messed-up experiences and how does God respond to less-than-perfect people? A fun, grace-filled message that speaks to all of us.
  3. "A Biblical Prescription for Transformation" – Becoming more Christ-like is a challenge for all of us. This lesson looks at what God, the greatest psychologist ever, says to do in order to mature in Christ.

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