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What has been the result of your intensive?

1. This couple (from Arizona) reflected on "before and after" the intensive:


She noted how isolated they were before the intensive.  "Now I have my best friend back again."

He contrasted how much he used to avoid conflict; now they are dealing with issues and resolving them.

Both perceive themselves as a stronger parenting team.  Parenting disagreements used to divide them.  Now they are working together.

He (stepparent) says, "I feel like a team-member now.  I have a voice."

Both report that their home is calmer and more emotionally safe.

She said, "The intensive changed our lives; it was a life saver.  It's definitely a wonderful opportunity."


2. Two months ago “Karen and Charles” (from Texas) were divorced from each other. Now they are remarried to one another. During their two month follow-up interview they reported:

The old “Karen and Charles” were two selfish, independent people who looked for what they could get from each other. Now we are partners...listening and showing more love for each other.”


3. Another couple's feedback:


Couple from Missouri—


From Her:  We were at a breaking point in our marriage. The three day intensive with Ron was a last effort to save our marriage. We went in feeling angry and hopeless and left with a renewed strength, forgiveness, and hope for our future. Ron helped us to discover the root of our problems and gave us the tools we needed to improve our communication. He truly saved our marriage!


From Him: Our marriage had been struggling for quite a while until it reached the point where we were ready to call it quits. Our 3-day intensive was our last attempt to repair it. Going into it as a “do or die” situation was indeed scary. However, Ron was able to hone in on our underlying issues that were contributing to our destruction. Let me tell you, they were not at all what we thought they were. With Ron's help, our understanding of each other, and his take-home tools tailored to our needs, we have greatly improved our communication and saved our marriage. I love my wife now more than ever!


4. Here is another couple's feedback on their marriage therapy intensive:


From Him:  “Ron is very insightful when it comes to identifying issues in marriages.  In our case, he helped us identify several things that were causing big problems – and then the format of the intensive gave us the time and attention to really work through them.  It has helped immeasurably.


From Her:  We had gone round and round struggling with the same issues over and over again.  It was exhausting! Through an intensive, Ron helped us to identify the root problems and taught us how to navigate out of any struggle.  What a difference this has made in our marriage!"


Together:  "Since home from our intensive with Ron, we have both agreed that we can't think of a marriage in the world that wouldn't benefit from a process like this.  But if you're in crisis or simply can't seem to overcome the problems you face, do it.  Invest the time.  Invest the money.  It can save your marriage."


5. Another couple wrote Focus on the Family to thank them for the referral to Ron:


“We'd like to share not only an update on the progress in our marriage, but also feedback on the recommendation you gave for a Christian counselor. From the very moment we sat down my wife and I both knew that this was the right person to help us. He is a fine man of high character, and his words obviously come from the heart. His effective approach to the problems in our marriage has put us back on track toward the positive relationship we had when we were dating. We both feel that this counselor is 'heaven sent'."


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