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I've got a problem taking the Checkup



We apologize if you are having difficulty taking your online Checkup. There may be computer compatibility issues, your voucher code may be giving you an error message, or perhaps you have forgotten your new account and/or password. To resolve these issues, please call Life Innovations, the designer of the Checkup. Please do not call Smart Stepfamilies. For confidentiality reasons we are not able to access your account information. You might also double check the directions for taking the Checkup below.

Life Innovations, Minneapolis, MN: call toll free 800-331-1661 (office hours are Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:30 pm CT) or click the Help tab on the Couple Checkup inventory window (found here).

For those of you who have purchased a copy of The Remarriage Checkup and can't find your voucher code, it is inside the back cover. 



   Directions for taking the Couple Checkup:

1.    Click Get Started to set up your Couple Account (or Login once you or your partner has already set up your Couple Account).

2.    Creating your Couple Checkup Account (skip to #5 if your partner has already created a couple account and taken their portion of the Couple Checkup).

a.    Create your own Usernames for you and your partner

b.    Create your own Account Password

c.    Review / Accept the Terms and Conditions

d.    At the “Payment” page (Step 3) enter the Voucher Code provided. 

3.    Write down your Account Information. You and your spouse will need this to login from this point forward. You will not enter the voucher number again.

4.    Enter your email addresses so you can send account information to yourself and your partner. (You will not receive SPAM.)

5.    Login to your Account and complete your Couple Checkup (should take about 30 minutes).  Each partner will need to complete the inventory but you should not take it at the same time.  Each of you can take it at your convenience and from any computer.

6.    Once you have both finished you will be taken to a View Results page.

a.    Click View Results to open your report (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 7 or newer to view your report).

·        Click Adobe Acrobat Reader to update your system if you have difficulty viewing your report.

b.    Print a Discussion Guide for yourself and your partner.

c.    Questions? Click the Help link to connect with Life Innovations.


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