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Smart Stepfamilies

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StepMom of 2 (submitted 11/3/10)


I hope it's not too late to comment.  I am a stepmom with no kids of my own..  i have tried to be loving to my stepdaughters, but their definition of love always depends on how much money they get from us.  They are old enough to support themselves, and they tell their dad they are not babies, so he shouldn't tell them what to do.  however, when they want money, they get very sweet and ask in a little girl voice.  When the answer is occasionally no, because of our bad financial situation, their attitude suddenly changes.  yes, things would be great between us if they were coming to their dad for simple companionship that is not attached to dollar signs.  i know some of this comes from their mother, who is unhappily remarried, and if she is not happy, she doesn't want her ex to be happy either.  i am a better mother to these girls than their own mother is, but they will never see it that way.  BTW, their mother rarely helps them out financially, and she doesn't spend much time with them, yet their loyalty is with her.

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