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Smart Stepfamilies

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Hope in Tennessee (submitted 10/19/10)


The SmartStepmom book has opened my eyes, and has helped me to see and
understand that I am not alone.  I went to the bookstore yesterday looking for help
and guidance because of the hurt that I am feeling.  I read this book within 24
hours of purchasing it, and it has opened my eyes to know that there is hope.  We
have a blended family with us having custody of all of the children.  The two
younger ones are my biological children, and the older one is my husband's
biological child.  We have been in constant turmoil because of the issues involved
in having a blended family.  My ex-husband and I get along fairly well, and
throughout my current marriage the two younger children have adjusted fairly well,
but my husband and his ex do not get along, and we are constantly battling with his
daughter and his ex.  She signed over custody to us when his daughter was 7yrs. old,
but now she is taking us back to court for a second time to try to gain custody
back.  We are constantly fighting with what is the best choice for our daughter, and
it is causing us a great deal of stress.  The book you wrote helped me to understand
and not give up on all that we have done.  We are going to court for the second time
next week, and my prayer is for peace and understanding that God's Will will be
done, and all involved will know this.  I do not handle conflict real well, and so
this is all a huge challenge for me, but I have Faith that it will all be okay in
the end.  Of course, I may not see it immediately, but it will come.  Thank you for
your words of assurance and inspiration to take it one step at a time.  God Bless
You!  I am very excited about the book for Step-dad's coming out...I will be first
in line to purchase it for my husband.


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