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Confused in GA (submitted 9/16/10)

I am recently divorced after 15 years of marriage.  I have a 14 year old
daughter that is an only child and has been the center of my world as well as the
center of my ex husbands world since she was born 14 years ago.  My ex husband and I
did not have a good, intimate relationship.  We married because we had Triston and
that was pretty much it.  We thought we were doing the right thing by her, but both
ended up very unhappy.  Meanwhile, our daughter got all the attention, even sleeping
with me.  Now, the marriage is over and I am trying to set healthy adult/child
boundaries with my daughter.  She is responding a lot better than I thought she
would and she really is a great kid for the kind of attention we have bestowed on
her.  I have recently starting dating and I really feel like I have found my soul
mate.  We have such similar family backgrounds and a chemistry that I have never had
with anyone else.  My daughter was introduced to him several weeks ago and really
likes him as a person.  We do things together and she is never been excluded from
anything we do.  Long story short, she always has  a great time with him and we seem
so connected and then when we get home she pitches big fits on me saying how he is
taking me away from her and she will never accept him and he is not her father and
on and on.  I just don't understand and I pray so hard that the Lord will help me
understand.  I do not want to give in to her and miss out on a wonderful
relationship that I truly feel like God has given me and I also do not want to loose
the love and respect of my daughter.  Please help.....

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