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Smart Stepfamilies

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Jamie (Submitted 8/7/10)


What if you are the one causing the pain? My husband and I had an affair and then went on to marry. I wish so bad that I can go back in time. I did not swoop down and decide to steal another womans husband. I truly believe thier marriage was in trouble before I came along. My ex husband was involved in drugs and other habits that I could not deal with. This in no way justifies what we did. I always have to live with the fact that I am the other women that caused pain that so many despise. I feel I can not dare ask God to bless our marriage and worry that I am even going to heaven. Adultry and divorce is nasty, no wonder God hates it. He does not want His children suffering the consequences. My husband(who I dearly love) and I live them everyday and it is horrible. I just pray that God bless our children.

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