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Smart Stepfamilies

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Alicai from USA (submitted July 1, 2010)


Name: Journeywoman

Home: USA


I need some advice ... I am reading Ron Deal's Book about smart stepfamilies ... and I think I understand the reality of cooking a crock pot stepfamily. But what should I do when my husband's two oldest children 25 and 20 do not even acknowledge me? I don't think my husband helps matters at all in that any time they come in town he goes over to the home where his father and mother live and so does his ex wife and the two other children. Of course I do not go over and am not invited ... but he goes over at least once a week and has dinner with them; and any time the kids come in town or there is a birthday, he goes over and spends time. They all get a long great ... but of course, I am not mentioned or acknowleged. It seems really unhealthy to me ... but my husband doesn't seem to think that things are too wrong ... I am growing more and more disillusioned.

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