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Zane, from Arkansas (submitted February 3, 2010)



Name: Zane

Home State or Country: Arkansas


I have a six year old son from another marriage.  He has a good

relationship with my new wife’s parents, but not with my wife so much.

Currently we are arguing as to whether or not he should be treated as an

equal by her and her parents.  Her parents told me before we married that he would be viewed no differently than their own grandkids.  And I must admit that they've followed through on what they've promised.  Currently we are arguing about the fact that she feels that when we have kids her, nor her parents, nor myself should ever attend anything of his if our children have something that conflicts with that.  I understand her point on her not being there, but how can she expect me to choose one child over another?  And how can her parents view all of their grandchildren the same if he only gets their attention when the others don't?  Where is the fairness in that?  If they don't want to treat them the same, then why tell me so?  

Also, she has recently mentioned that she didn't realize that having my son

would effect us financially to the point that she wouldn't be able to have

"her" kids.  She's also said in the past that her hatred for his mom affects

the way she feels about him.  That it makes her feel negatively towards him.

All of this honestly has an affect on me and the way I feel towards the

current argument.

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