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Penny, from USA (submitted February 3, 2010)


Name: Penny

Home State or Country: USA


I am engaged to marry a wonderful man that is younger than

myself. I have been married and divorced with a 20 and 18 year old. The 20

year old no longer lives with me but the 18 year old does. The man I am

going to marry has custody of an 8 year old, which he got custody of her

within the past 8 months. Things are pretty good but I have noticed lately

she is becoming very jealous of us and demands 100% of our attention all of

her waking hours. She got mad the other night because 30 minutes before her bedtime I said that I didn't want to play games anymore (like we had been doing for 2 hours) but to sit and relax in front of the tv. I sat on the

couch, he laid on the couch with his head in my lap. She sat on the other

couch and pouted. I asked her what was wrong (well knowing she was mad

because I wasn't still playing with her and knowing she was jealous because

he laid on the couch with me), she would not answer me. I ignored the

situation but am at my witt’s end of what to do about this jealousy and

amount of attention she is demanding. When she first came to live with us I

was understanding of it because it was something new for her, moving to

daddy’s as we took her away from her mom. What should I do?

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