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Denise, from Arkansas (submitted January 28, 2010)

Name: Denise
Home state or country: Arkansas

I have only been married for 7 months and ready to call it quits.

If I wasn't a Christian I would of already quit.  I know what God says about

divorce and I don't know what to do.  I am so unhappy.  I am married to a

man that has a 6 year old.  He expects for me and my parents, when we have

kids together, to not go to their school programs, games, etc and go to his

child's half of the time.  I do not agree with this.  His child has a mom

and grandparents.  Shouldn't my children get to have their mom and

grandparents, my parents, at their things????  Now, if there is not a

conflict then we can go to his child's things.  He keeps saying well you

should say he is yours....that it is no different than when I have my own

kids.  YES, it is different his child doesn't call me mom, nor live with us.

IT IS DIFFERENT.  I feel like he feels so sorry for his child since he

doesn't have married parents.


What do I do?  I want kids so bad, but don't want them brought into this.




Denise-- You are right to worry about bringing additional

children into your situation. It would be a toxic environment for them. Your

husband is so fearful; his demands are dripping with fear and guilt. You

must (emphasis on "must") seek outside help from a qualified therapist.

Otherwise, you and your husband will continue to battle about these issues.

Perhaps this article will help you find someone who can help:



God bless, RLD

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