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Smart Stepfamilies

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Melanie, from Illinois (submitted January, 2010)

Melanie, from Illinois

My GREAT friends bought me The Smart Stepfamily, 7 Ways to a Healthy Blended Family, The Smart StepMom, The ReMarriage Check-Up and the books were a God send!  I cannot get enough of the reading material for Stepfamilies; It is ALL so informative and helpful!!!  My husband stated in his biography (we met on-line) that  "I have two sons who I love and who
will always be my first priority."; and he wasn't kidding!  Thank God he moved into my house (leverage), and the house will
ALWAYS be in my name for I make the mortgage payments and he pays the other bills.  We have been married since May 08, 2009 and the books have been instrumental in my actions/reactions to the point of saying 'Thank You' to my Lord many times during the day!  Granted, my husband and I disagree on many landmines; but our strong belief in Our Lord and His care for us brings us together even stronger than before!  Thank you for The Smart Stepfamily web-site and Ministry; I am not alone and neither are you!!!

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