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The Remarriage Checkup by Ron L. Deal & David H. Olson


ForewordThe Remarriage Checkup (hardcover), click to browse


          Congratulations! You are wisely seeking vital information concerning remarriage. Whether you are considering remarriage or have already remarried, this book will provide revelation derived from extensive research and profound insight. The results may surprise you. Some areas of remarriage are not too difficult, and yet there are many areas that are surprisingly challenging.


   I was married to my college sweetheart for almost twenty-one years. He died tragically during the failed re-entry of the space shuttle Columbia in February of 2003. In an instant, I became a widow and a single mom. Rick and I met in college and married after he completed pilot training in the Air Force. We both grew up in Amarillo, Texas. During our engagement, many showers and parties were given in our honor. We had dated five years before marrying, and it was a wonderful celebration.


   Five years after Rick’s death, I met the second love of my life, Bill Thompson. Our families were well acquainted with each other through church, and soon after his wife’s death from cancer we began to date. Reactions were very mixed, unlike my experience with Rick. People were concerned about the very fast pace of our relationship. We fell deeply in love within months. We shared common spiritual beliefs and held the same values in life. I must admit that I found it difficult to understand why everyone was not overjoyed for us, considering our past experiences of pain and loss.


   When Bill and I became engaged and announced it to my two children, the response consisted of one bursting into tears and the other sighing very deeply. No hearty congratulations like the first time around. My mom was happy for me, yet very guarded in her congratulations.


Evelyn & Bill Thompson   Any remarriage begins with an adjustment and recognition that there has been a loss. Our hearts were full of joy, yet we have had to learn that others were struggling with a significant change. Our joy seemed to magnify the loss of others.


   The great news is that it is not a permanent condition. My mom grew to absolutely love Bill before her untimely death in May 2009. My children have grown to love Bill very much also; yet they still remember, miss, and treasure memories of their dad. Ron Deal has been an inspiration and a godsend to our family with his insight into the mechanics of a stepfamily.


   Remarriages are more complicated than first marriages. Children are already in the picture. Patterns for communication, attitudes towards work vs. leisure time, financial goals (including spending/saving), and spiritual beliefs are much more deep seated.


   This book is a must-read for any remarried couple. It includes the tools needed to create and maintain a wonderful remarriage. These pages identify areas you may or may not have considered important, but together with the online Couple Checkup you will learn all the strengths and weaknesses you possess individually and as a couple.


   Having experienced cancer with both of my parents, and with Bill’s first wife, we know that diagnostic tests are used to determine the best course of treatment. Similarly, the online Couple Checkup will guide you through the labyrinth of relationships inside a remarriage.


   I am excited for you because you will grow and learn so much from The Remarriage Checkup. May you be mightily blessed and strengthened with all the tools this great book will provide for you, and may God bless your family!


—Evelyn Husband Thompson

widow of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband

now remarried to Bill Thompson


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