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Smart Stepfamilies

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Kristee Christy


Name: Kristee Christy

Home: Texas

Dear Ron,

My husband and I attended your step family conference (2008 in Amarillo, Texas at Amarillo South Church). The insight provided helped in a multitude of situations we have experienced during our marriage. Thank you so much for enlightening our family to the pitfalls that can be avoided and how to walk through the unavoidable feelings that come with remarriage with children.

After your conference, we thought about a specific incident you mentioned as the "christmas tree" issue. ( Totally different styles to decorate, celebrate etc.)

We both brought a son and a daughter into our combined family. We had always used "kraft" macaroni and cheese, while they always ate "velvetta" shells and cheese. Thinking we would avoid the issue, we bought and cooked both to preserve all feelings.

During the meal, the 12 year old son burst into tears and ran out of the room. His father followed him. The son stated," I miss my family." In our attempt to protect against hurt feelings, we had inadvertantly brought them to the forfront. His dad discussed with him that his feelings were normal and okay to express. Encouraged him that his family wasn't gone but had grown to include us.

My husband and I often look at each other and sigh, Ron warned us about this situation. Thanks so much for all your knowledge and insight. Please keep up the Godly, encouraging work. Our families are an invaluable assest to our homes, our cities and our nation. Your ministry impacts them all. Thank you.


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