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Smart Stepfamilies

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Praise for The Smart Stepmom


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Praise for The Smart Stepmom: Practical Steps to Help You Thrive

by Ron L. Deal & Laura Petherbridge





Endorsements & Reviews:


"Finally, a book that is realistic and practical for stepmoms.
I highly recommend this book."

Gary D. Chapman,

author of The Five Love Languages

and Love As a Way of Life


“As a stepmom myself, I’m thrilled to find a solid resource that tackles the
complex and multifaceted issues associated with being a stepmom.”

Kim Alexis

Supermodel, Speaker, and Author


“Every stepmom who is smart will read this book.”

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

Founders of RealRelationships.com

Authors of Love Talk


“Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge are two of America’s top experts in the

field of stepparenting and the blended family. This book brings you their

very significant and helpful insight. I appreciate the positive and hopeful

look at how to thrive and even flourish in the world of stepparenting.”

Jim Burns

PhD, President of HomeWord

Author of Confident Parenting,

Creating an Intimate Marriage, and

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality


“I can relate to so many of the testimonies that were given by women.

This is a great book for every stepmom.”

Paula Ward


Stepmom & Director of Guidance

and Counseling, Amarillo Independent

School District


The Smart Stepmom by Ron L. Deal and Laura Petherbridge proves

that a stepmom can not only survive, but thrive. Packed with lots of

‘been there, lived that’ guidance, the authors provide honest insight for

day-to-day struggles. Each chapter concludes with a heartfelt prayer

directed toward the specific challenges facing today’s stepmom.”

Ivey Harrington Beckman

Stepmom & Editor in Chief of

HomeLife magazine


“This book offers the tools and tips every stepmom needs to carry on

with love, strength and a positive outlook. I recommend it for every

woman who is entering the new life of stepparenting.”

Karol Ladd

Author of The Power of a Positive Mom


“This book is rich with coaching on juggling the roles and opportunities

as well as navigating the speed bumps that stepmoms experience day in

and day out. Read it and pass it on to the stepmothers in your life. You

will be thanked over and over again!”

Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

America’s Family Coaches

Authors of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love,

Radio show co-hosts and speakers



"Are you a stepmom who needs a shoulder to lean on? You'll find respect
and a compassionate perspective for problem solving within these pages.
Make the time to read them."

Dr. Margorie Engel,

Stepfamily Expert Council (National

Stepfamily Resource Center)

Former President, Stepfamily

Association of America


"With divorce statistics in this country reaching epidemic proportions, and the increased potential for second marriages, the reality of a woman finding herself in the position of being a stepmother is high. Step-families are in crisis around us. The Smart Stepmom is a user-friendly, practical guide to understanding the common pitfalls stepmothers encounter daily. Deal and Petherbridge discuss such topics as smart dating, befriending adult children, getting into sync as a parenting team, and more. Learning how to cope, and designing a plan to help your efforts as a stepmom succeed, are the keys to success! I highly recommend The Smart Stepmom to any woman considering this noble endeavor."


Connie Maier,

CBA Retailers+Resources Magazine



Reviews by stepmoms:


“I took a day and read the manuscript and must tell you that I spent most of the day nodding my head and wiping by tears.  You hit the nail on the head time and time again.  It is so applicable and the feelings tied into it are so real that I would not only suggest that every stepmom read it, but anyone considering dating a man with children... After I spent the entire day in a coffee house reading this book, I walked out of there with renewed hope and the tools to put an action plan together.”

Denyse, stepmom


“Great job. This is encouragement without sugar coating it! I am telling people about it already!”

Brenda Stuart



Simply put, the book is GREAT! And how I wish I'd had this BEFORE I remarried!  But still...there is so much I have learned and can now implement in my life.  And there are lots of things that my husband may benefit from, also...can't wait to share it with him.”

Becky, stepmom


"With gut wrenching honesty this book says what I have felt but was too embarrassed to admit to myself or say out loud. Thank you for saying it for me."

Nancy, stepmom



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