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Smart Stepfamilies

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Rosa, from Mississippi (submitted May '09)


Name: Rosa

Home: MS

Hi I am a mother of three, and remarried in Dec. of 2007. My husband has three children as well. He was awarded full custody May 22 2008, with the mother able to see the kids supervised two hours a week. Its been a very hard journey, and continues today even after a year. Having so many kids that are unhappy, has put a toll on my marriage, but my husband has been a rock. I on the other hand have tried and wanted to leave several times. We are seeking marriage counseling, and I'm really trying to except the life I chose. Ive been really selfish and thought about me and my own children, which is really hard not to do. I was a single mom for several years before I decided to remarry and my two older children lost their dad five years ago. Taking care of my kids is very important and had been my life. So adjusting has been a nightmare, especially with the kids ranging from 4-13. I am still here fighting for this marriage and this family.

Keep fighting Rosa. Remember, persistence is the key to finally discovering the rewards of stepfamily life. Press on! The best help we can provide as you seek out a counselor is this article or our personal help options. RLD


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#1: by Lynn on 07.20.2009 @ 11:54pm CDT

Rosa, don't give up - first, if you haven't read "The Smart Step-Family" - read it! You have to get a crock-pot mentality. Between my husband and I we have 5 kids, ages 11-24. Four of them at home - the girls are both teens a year apart. It is not a picnic! I am constantly chanting "crock pot, crock pot". You have to think loooong range. My stepdaughter and I have not bonded well yet - after being in her life for almost 3 years, but I know that someday she will appreciate what I have done for her. Someday - is going to be a long way off, probably. The focus I have day to day is that I need to be a rock for all the kids - stand strong with my husband, show what a loving stable relationship is. There will always be drama from the ex's - but I can only control what goes on in our house. With God's help, you can do it - give yourself some mercy, and press on.

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