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Shanna Berry, from Alabama (submitted April '09)


Name: Shanna (Sweetie) Berry

Home: Alabama

Our family is growing. Last weekend, we added a new son in law to our blended family. The beautifult thing was, that we were all in Oklahoma for the wedding, the two moms, natural and step were both dressing the bride. We helped with each other's preparations and both families were in peace all weekend. We each live very different lives, yet we both parented the children. The bride and her brother came to me at 12 and 16 as step children when I married their father, yet their natural mother and step father are absolutely such an important part of their lives. Daughter had moved back to Oklahoma after college to be near and regain a close relationship with her natural mother, I could not have been happier for the healing that was evident at the wedding.

Our story is a little different than some, my husband Les and I were both divorced and single parenting for a while when we met each other. I understand that we do not have some of the pain or resentment others who have been left for the next spouse might have, yet it is still a victory for Jesus every time our two families unite to become one for our children! My children's father recently remarried as well, after ten years of single hood. I am thrilled for him and am beginning the process of friendship with his new wife. She is a first time mom/step mom in this relationship yet she will be an important part of my 15 and 12 year old's lives.

I wish I could upload my favorite picture....it is of ALL of us...and the smiles on our faces are not fake...it was great to be with all of us in one location! God has truly healed what was broken in our lives!

We blog about our lives now... www.creatingajoyfulplace.com and my silly life continues to be written about at www.shessothere.com. God is good, and we hope to help Ron rebuild families one.heart.at.a.time!


Sweetie & Les Berry

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