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Smart Stepfamilies

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Wise Dating & Courtship Practices

Kids, Getting Married, and Moving

My boyfriend of two years and I are contemplating getting married.  My oldest, Emily is going to be a Junior next fall.  We are unsure of what to do about school. 
How does God feel about sex before marriage?

"It seems to me that there are more important issues with stepfamilies than worrying about who is sleeping with who (in the biblical sense)."
The Elephant in the Bedroom: Cohabitation, Remarriage, and What's Best for Your Relationship

Most couples today cohabit before remarriage.  Is it healthy for the relationship?  Is it a true test of the couple's relationship; is it a "trial marriage" that helps them move toward commitment?  Find out what you need to know...
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Dating Red Flags

What are some red flags about the parenting practices of your dating partner?
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Money Questions for Dating Couples

Presents a list of questions couples should discuss before they marry. Print this list and starting talking!
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Mountain Environments of Dating

Part 1 of a series for single parents who are dating or planning to date in the future.
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Into the Meadow

Part 2: It’s the sudden change from isolation to loving companionship, from bleak, cheerless cold to comforting warmth—the sudden leap from off the mountaintop into a beautiful meadow—that compels single parents to embrace each other without reserve.
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What Happens in the Meadow

Part 3: Throw out everything you ever learned about dating when it comes to single parents dating. Everything changes.
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Why Responsible, Dependable Dating Single Parents Lose their Mind

Part 4: The pastor looked up at me and said, “How could this happen? How could two of the more stable, steady people in my congregation suddenly and radically change their behavior? How could Tom and Judy just lose it?”
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Myths of the Meadow

Part 5 of a series of articles for dating single parents will help you understand why stepfamily living is different than biological families.
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Double Extreme Environments

Part 6 of a series of articles for dating single parents.
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When a Parent Dates a Non-Parent

Bill has a problem, a huge problem—only he doesn’t know it. You see, Bill thinks he and Shirley are alone at their table, just the two of them. He doesn’t know it, but they are not alone at all.
The Dating Game

...I could tell that Kevin’s concerns about dating were not limited to him. He worried a lot about his daughter. “What do I say to her before I go on a date? Should I introduce her to my date? What if I get married again someday—how will it affect her?”
Dating Wisdom

For dating single parents, couple harmony during the dating process makes the stepfamily road ahead appear clear and safe, but once you top the hill of marriage you’ll likely find some hidden road hazardous.

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