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Smart Stepfamilies

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Not for Sale!


by Brianna Buckman 

A Chicken Soup for the Stepfamily Soul Contribution


I volunteer a great deal at my bonus (read "step") daughters (three beautiful young ladies) school. I have committed to help each of their teachers out on Fridays. Fridays are also the days that they will have fun spirit building events.

On this particular Friday it was Pajama Day.  I couldn’t resist an excuse to stay in Pajama’s all day. So, of course, I joined in the fun and had on my PJ's too (including a T-shirt that says "I'm out of bed, what more do you want?).

While waiting for the first bell to ring the kids and I checked out everyone’s pajamas. One of the little boys in the first class I go to had on a t-shirt that said "parents for sale; buy one get one free!" He and I were chuckling about it, and I asked him if he really thought he wanted to get rid of his parents. He gave the most endearing smile and admitted he actually liked his parents.

Unbeknownst to me, my youngest bonus daughter was taking this time to collect herself. She was horrified by the thought of selling any of her parents. When I looked back at her, she looked up at me with the biggest brown eyes and emphatically stated "SHE is NOT for sale".

Sure warmed my heart.  I carry that memory with me always!



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