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What is Relationship Coaching & How Does it Work?



Athletes know the benefit of having a coachProfessional athletes have coaches.  Persons working in business often have a sales or management coach.  CEO’s of major corporations hire coaches or consultants to help them achieve their desired performance goals.  And many of us utilize the services of a financial planner ("financial coach") to plan for the future.  Why not employ the services of a Relationship Coach? 


Like an athletic coach, Relationship Coaches help you obtain desired skills that will "tighten your game" and move you toward your desired relational positioning location.  Coaching is not therapy or counseling—it is not for those in crisis, but those who are seeking to proactively enhance their life.  Coaching is for those who are ready to grow, for those who are ready to move beyond the status quo. 


Here are some examples of appropriate coaching goals:

  • Stacey is hoping to deepen her relationship with her boyfriend's 11 year-old Ready to stretch yourself?daughter.  She describes their relationship as “so-so”, but she’s hoping for so much more...and the wedding is just around the corner.
  • Outside the bedroom Carmen and Tony’s relationship is fine.  But inside the bedroom they experience frustration.  They’d like to explore their sexual potential and improve their communication skills.
  • Sharon wants to be a better parent.  For years she has been “soft” in discipline and now she is hoping to make some much needed changes, but where does she begin?
  • Dave has just been asked by his senior minister to begin a marriage mentoring program at his church.  He’s got an idea of what he wants to create, but he’s not sure how to bring the pieces together. 

These are good candidates for Relationship or Ministry Coaching.


How does it work?


Call for a FREE consultationCoaching takes place over the phone and through email.  The standard monthly arrangement is for three scheduled phone sessions (30-45 minutes) plus access to Ron throughout the month by email or brief “spot calls.” * 


While many other professional coaches charge $500 per month, the fee for the above package is $249 per month.  The initial consultation (20 minutes) to determine if coaching is for you is FREE. 


Getting Started

About Coach Ron




* Other scheduled arrangements can be made by request. 

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