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Attend the Passionate Sexuality Conference



A Marriage Builder event designed for all married couples (first or subsequent marriage) of all ages.



"This conference gave us permission to truly claim and talk openly about the wonderful gift from God of sexuality in our marriage. 
It was the best marriage conference that I have ever attended!"

Mari Lynn, married 27 years




"Attend this seminar!  Even if you don't think you need to."

Tammi & Brian, Amarillo


"Thank you so much for such a great conference.
After 21 years of marriage we fell into 2" of water. 
We are now renewed and going to 45' -- maybe even deeper."

B.C., Houston


As a family life minister and marriage and family therapist, Ron speaks on many marriage and family topics.  "I have two passions," says Ron, "helping stepfamilies prevent divorce and helping all married couples receive the gift that God intended in sexuality.  Too many couples never experience the kind of physical intimacy God intended for them to have.  This conference is designed to enhance healthy marriages and help couples who are wondering if there isn't more to sex.  Come ignite spiritual, physical, and emotional oneness in your marriage."

After many months, our couples are still talking about Ron's conference on sexuality.  The material was presented in a fresh, humorous, and straight forward way that is a must in today's culture.  I would highly recommend the conference to any church!
Lynn Cook
Senior Minister, Little Rock Church
Little Rock, AR

The "Passionate Sexuality: Igniting Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Oneness in Marriage" conference boldly, but maturely, addresses the spiritual nature of Men & Women are Different Sexuallysexuality and how couples can ignite passion in their marriage.  Humor is used throughout the presentation to "break the tension" and help couples open themselves to the principles shared.  Again, this conference is for all married couples (first or subsequent marriage).  Topics addressed include:

  1. Solomon's Wisdom for Passionate Sex;
  2. Discovering Your Sexual Potential;
  3. Uncovering Your Sexual Story;
  4. The Politics of Sexual Desire;
  5. The Lovemaking Cycle; and
  6. Emotional Maturity and Sexual Intimacy

This frank but practical presentation will have you talking...and romancing...for months. 



What Others Are Saying:

  • At a recent conference 85% of attendees said the conference "exceeded" or "far exceeded" their expectations and 94% believed the event was helpful in understanding God's plan for sexual intimacy in marriage.  Read other comments... 

  • "The Passionate Sexuality conference was a tremendous experience.  It was truly an answer to prayer to see so many of the married couples in our church learn to pray together for the first time...and this happened at a conference on sexual intimacy!"  Bob Chaffee, Director of Adult and Family Ministries, Fellowship Alliance Church, Medford, NJ

  • "This series is such a refreshing, frank, and unashamed discussion of God's incredible gift.  This was wonderful!!! Thank you!"  Participant, Amarillo

  • "Ron Deal did a phenomenal job at leading us through the sensitive topics of sexuality and intimacy in a format that was comfortable, enjoyable, and incredibly informative."  Erik & Lauren, married 4 months

  • "During the couple time my wife and I had the most intimate discussion that we have ever had in nearly 30 years of marriage.  What a tremendous weekend!"  Pastor Brian, married 27 years

To attend a Passionate Sexuality conference,
click here to find an event in your area (look for the
"Marriage Builder" listings).

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