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Smart Stepfamilies

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Successful Stepfamiles E-Magazine
March/April 2011

In this issue: 

  • Overcoming the Jealousy Monster 
  • Parenting: When you change the rules 
  • Two new DVD resources 
  • Testimonies & Your Feedback 
  • Pew Research Report on stepfamilies
  • Upcoming Webinars & Conferences 

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Least Utilized, Most Impact

According to a recent Pew Research Report, 15% of adult men in the US are stepfathers (16.5 million). And most of them are trying to be good fathers when they should really strive to be Smart Stepdads instead. "Good fathers" who assume an active, engaging fatherly role within the first two years often find that it backfires. But men who relax, go with the flow, and don't try to be an instant hero become wise stepfathers and have a smoother transition into the role of stepdad. A little wisdom and patience goes a long way.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: "that's just not true anymore". For years people complained to our ministry that they just couldn't find Biblically-based, research-informed resources for blended families. That used to be true, but that's just not true anymore. This month we are excited to release two more DVD resources: Remarriage Success (for couples and groups) and Ministering to Stepfamilies (ministry training resource). Available only through Successful Stepfamilies (see below), these resources are now added to:

  • 4 books, including the soon to be released The Smart Stepdad
  • 1 DVD curriculum
  • 1 booklet for children
  • regular online webinars (including the next stepmom webinar Tuesday, March 8th)
  • conferences offered nationally
  • regular Facebook and blog posts on marriage, family, and stepfamilies
  • a training DVD for therapists
  • hundreds of archived articles available online...for free, and
  • this free E-Magazine

Now I tell people, if you can't find a resource, you just haven't looked very hard (smile)!


But wait, there's one additional resource. And this one is our least utilized, but, I believe, most impactful. Marriage therapy intensives are life-changing opportunities for couples because they allow you and I to dedicate 2-3 days of focused time to improving your marriage and family. Now, we are offering group intensives for 3-5 couples--so you can learn in a supportive group environment--and we're doing so at the lowest rate ever! The next one is April 19-22. Intensives are not for everyone, but when you need help, this ought to be what you consider. Learn more


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In His Grace,

Ron L. Deal, Founder & President





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Our Mission: Preventing redivorce, strengthening stepfamilies, & breaking the generational cycle of divorce.


We Believe that one way to prevent divorce in the next generation is to prevent redivorce in this generation.










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Upcoming Webinars & Conferences


·    March 8 Webinar, The Ex-Wife-in-Law

·    March 19 Stepfamily Conference, Chicago, IL

·    April 8-9 Stepfamily Conference, Sherwood (Little Rock), AR

·    April 12 Webinar, Managing the Fires of Couple Conflict

·    April 19-22 Group Marriage Intensive, Amarillo, TX 

·    May 6-7 Ministry Training, Malibu, CA

·    May 10 Webinar, Enhancing Marital Sexuality

·    May 14 Stepfamily Conference, Columbus, OH

·    June 3-4 Stepfamily Conference, Fenton, MI

·    June 20-24 Ministry Training, Dallas, TX

·    Aug 12-13 Stepfamily Conference, Mankato, MN

·    August 23-26 Group Marriage Intensive, Amarillo, TX 

·    Sept 13 Webinar, Co-Parenting 

·    Sept 16-17 Stepfamily Conference, Cabot, AR

·    Sept 21 Ministry Training, D6 Conference, Dallas, TX

·    Sept 23-24 .Mom Conference, Birmingham, AL

·    Sept 28-Oct 1 Therapy Training, AACC Conf., Nashville, TN

·    Oct 14-15 Stepfamily Conference, Bourbonnais, IL 

·    Oct 14-15 Stepfamily Conference, Ft Worth, TX 


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The Smart Stepfamily, The Smart Stepmom, The Remarriage Checkup, and The Smart Stepfamily DVD are available through the international distributors of Baker Publishing Group. Click here for a PDF list of countries and distributors. Our other resources are available only through us. You must email or phone us directly to place an order (international shipping rates apply).


International orders email: nan.deal@successfulstepfamilies.com


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Becoming Stepfamily Smart Articles:


·      Overcoming the Jealousy Monster by Ron L. Deal


Jealousy and its close cousin, resentment, are not uncommon in stepfamilies. 


·       Changing the Rules by Ron L. Deal


Here are some guidelines to help couples communicate the changes, especially when the stepparent’s opinion has obviously contributed to the change.


·       Love Guru Posts by Ron L. Deal

Read Ron's (and other Love Guru's) regular posts on Love Is Resources web site. His last post received a 5 Star rating!



Search hundreds of archived articles & videos here






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New Resources


·       2 new DVD's for couples and/or ministry use (save 20%) 






















  The Smart Stepdad


·       Set to release in April: The Smart Stepdad


Pre-buy Ron's newest book (releases in April). 


·       Upcoming Webinars 

1) The Ex-Wife-in-Law: Friend or Foe, Laura Petherbridge & Ron Deal, March 8th


2) Managing the Fires of Couple Conflict, Ron Deal, April 12th


3) Enhancing Marital Sexuality, Michael Sytsma & Ron Deal, May 10th


"I am so appreciative of the information gained through the webinar last night. I found the presentation to be highly informative, personally relevant, and oddly soothing (my family is normal!).

 Free study guide to accompany The Remarriage Checkup

·       FREE Study Guide 


This free PDF study guide accompanies The Remarriage Checkup. Useful for both individual and group study.


Download it here 
















·       Pew Research Report on Stepfamilies in America 


A recent research report from the Pew Research Center confirms that there are 95 million adult Americans with a steprelationship. Read Successful Stepfamilies' response and call to action


·       Ron Deal quoted by ABCNews.com


Ron was recently interviewed for this online story. Read it   


·       Upcoming Ministry & Therapy Training Events with Ron Deal.  Learn more

  1. May 6-7, 2011  Malibu, CA  |  Family of Faith Network Conference, Pepperdine University

  2. June 20-24, 2011  Dallas, TX  Marriage & Family Champions' Conference
  3. September 21, 2011  Dallas, Texas  |  D6 Conference 

  4. September 28-Oct 1, 2011  Nashville, Tennessee  Stepfamily Therapy pre-conference workshop |  Part of the AACC World Conference.







Your Feedback

“Nothing prepared me for what I have experienced as a stepmother over the last almost 12 years. It has been one of the most challenging, painful, lonely, difficult experiences of my life…It has also been one of the greatest learning experiences I have had—and much of that is due to the hope and knowledge I have received from reading your website, your books, and recently participating in a webinar… I am grateful that you have made your life’s work providing resources, direction, information, and hope for the many people struggling with stepfamily issues. With gratitude I am making a donation to the Stepping Forward Campaign.”


K. H., California




Ministry Feedback: “…our stepfamily class is going strong… When we spoke a year ago Ron encouraged me to ‘stick to it’ and ‘don’t be surprised if you have difficulty getting this going at your local church’.  I replied to him that I was pretty head strong and that God had laid this ministry on my heart and backing down wasn’t going to be an option! So once again, I just wanted Ron to know of our success in Valencia California!”


Lisa Clark

First Baptist Church

Valencia, CA






Connor's Song saves children from child trafficking

Help stop child trafficking in Ghana.

Connor's Song is a ministry sponsored by Ron & Nan Deal in memory of their son, Connor.

Read Ron's two-year post entitled Taken 

Learn more here




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