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by Lorain Deal

Here's what's cookin' from the kitchen of Ron Deal's late grandmother. "Nano sure knew how to cook!" says Ron. "But she knew even more how to love people." Enjoy!

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

  • 1 cup consideration
  • 1 cup courtesy
  • 2 cups praise
  • 2 cups flattery carefully concealed
  • 2 cups milk of human kindness
  • 1 gallon faith in God and each other
  • 1 small pinch of in-laws
  • 1 reasonable budget
  • 1 cup contentment
  • A generous dash cooperation
  • 2 children (at least)
  • 1 cup confidence and encouragement (for each)
  • 1 large or several small hobbies
  • 1 cup blindness to the other's faults

Flavor with frequent portions of recreation and a dash of happy memories. Stir well and remove any specks of jealousy, temper, or criticism. Sweeten well with generous portions of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion. Never serve with a cold shoulder or hot tongue.

"May you have many years of happiness with this recipe from my heart to yours."

Lorain (Nano) Deal