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Smart Stepfamilies

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Watch & Listen Online



VIDEO: The following video clips and educational programs featuring Ron Deal are available for online viewing. Click the link to view the program from the program website. 

  1.  FamilyLife Blended with Ron Deal - daily 60-second radio feature heard on radio outlets across North America and online.

  2. FamilyLife Today radio broadcasts featuring Ron Deal - click here and under Listener's Favorites select "Blended Family"

  3. YouTube: FamilyLife Blended's Channel (including stepfamily videos by Ron Deal)

  4. YouTube: Ron Deal's Channel

  5. "The Smart Stepmom & Making Blended Family Holidays Happy"-- Program: Your Family Live webcast, produced by Focus on the Family. Originally aired Nov. 17, 2010.

  6. "Unity in Parenting"  Program: MarriageToday with Jimmy and Karen. Originally aired July 5-11, 2009.

  7. The Smart Stepdad, The 700 Club   




AUDIO: Originally produced for Moody Broadcasting, these Audio Commentaries by Ron Deal address common stepfamily challenges and offer practical advice. Click and listen (click "OPEN" when prompted).  Be sure to share them with a friend or ministry leader.

  1. Second Class Citizens? 

  2. Wedding Vow Blues

  3. FAQ's about Stepfamilies

  4. How Do You Cook a Stepfamily?  

  5. Smart Stepparenting 


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