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Smart Stepfamilies

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How God Uses Family Life to Disciple Us


Ron L. Deal



Family—God’s Plan to Disciple Us


    Have you ever noticed how God uses family life to disciple and mature us into the image of Christ?  It seems to me that family experiences provide opportunities to learn important lessons that have spiritual implication. 

·         God uses childhood to teach us about obedience, submission, and respect for authority.  (Learning to respect authority in childhood helps us respect God’s authority as adults.)

·         In parenting God teaches us about nurture, providing for those you love, and humility (not being able to control your children will drive you to your knees!).

·         In singleness, God teaches us about friendship, loyalty, and self-worth in solitude.

·         God uses marriage to teach us about commitment, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love.

·         In sex God teaches us about surrender, vulnerability, and oneness. 

·         In crisis and death God teaches us about priorities and trust.

·         In stepfamily living God teaches us about second-chances and grace. 

·         In all of these life experiences, God invites us to walk with him: “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).


Are you listening to what life is teaching you?  Can you recognize the spiritual opportunities God is providing so that you can mature in Christ?  He who has ears to hear...




Reprinted from the October, 2009 edition of Stepfamily E-Magazine, Smart Stepfamilies.



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#1: by Pamela Payne on 10.03.2008 @ 12:58pm CDT

My 17 yr. old daughter who is a child of div- orce and raised in a spirit filled bible believing church told recently expressed to my friend, she was waiting for the "ONE" before consenting to a sexual relationship. She has heard every sermon on sexual purity and has seen that modeled in our home. The only thing I can do it Pray and surrender her to God. My 18 yr. old step son has admitted to his father that he has been sexually active for 1 year. In our home he has learned the same as my daughter, in his mother's home he has lived with the example of a same sex relationship with his mom and her partner. He has heard all of the biblical and home sermons about lover the sinner, not the sin etc. They both has seen "Sex Has A Price Tag"...don't know what else to do...on my knees.

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