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Smart Stepfamilies

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Melissa from Ohio (submitted 7/29/10)


I have read several others comments and it sounds like I'm not as crazy as I feel. I have a blended family of 7 children. I have a 15 and 17 year old boys and a step daughter that is 28 from my boys dad. He died 6 years ago.I have remarried and he has four boys ages 8,10, and 13 from one marriage and a 24 year old from another marriage. The most trouble my husband and I have is dealing with the 8, 10 and 13 year olds mother. She absolutely hates me and tries everything in her power to interfere with our marriage. She is down rite hateful and evil. She tries to make the boys not like me. We are in court for the third time in alittle over a year for stupid crap. She does not communicate and she makes all the decisions even though they have "shared parenting". She dicates our time with the boys. She has them in everything and all my husband does is run them from activity to activity every time we have them. We have the two evenings a week and every other weekend.  I feel like i am in competiton with her every time I am with them. I am on pins and needles whenever we have them. We hardly have time to do anything together as a family or get to know each other. We will be married four years in September. My boys have adjusted very well to my husband. There are many times I feel like they respect him more than me and it would be better if I was not around. I usually just clam up and go off by myself in my own house so I don't do anything wrong or say anything wrong. I really really try to be open and love them. Their mom interferes so much that when the boys do come over I'm so upset at her that it is hard to not be upset with them. I know it is not their fault but it is so hard not to feel that way.I hate feeling so uncomfortable in my own house and then my husband and are on pins and needles with each other.I am looking for any words of wisdom to help me. I do pray often to have God guide me, help me to hold my tongue,and to trust him.  It is such a struggle everytime we are all together.

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