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Press Release - The Remarriage Checkup



Brief: New research & book includes groundbreaking insights into remarriage and redivorce prevention


     Book Title: The Remarriage Checkup: Tools to Help Your Marriage Last a Lifetime by Ron L. Deal & David H. Olson, 2010.

     See below: Surprising Findings  |  YouTube introduction  |  Read the Foreword  |  Learn more about the Couple Checkup

     Endorsements include Gary Smalley, Scott Stanley Ph.D., Gary Chapman Ph.D., Jim Burns Ph.D., & Francesca Adler-Baeder Ph.D. (of the National Stepfamily Resource Center)


Minneapolis, MN — Nearly one-half of all marriages in America are remarriages for one or both partners. Of these, 60-70% will divorce, giving remarriages an almost 25% greater chance of failing than first marriages. In a culture inundated with marriage manuals and relationship how-to books, why do remarriages continue to fail at such an alarming rate?


“We have not effectively told remarried couples that while many of their strengths are the same as those of first marriage couples, there are a number of unique issues that, if not managed well, can destroy a remarriage,” said Ron Deal, a marriage and family counselor and a leading stepfamily and remarriage expert.


Seeing a need, Deal teamed up with fellow counselor and marriage expert David Olson to offer help, hope, and healing to remarried couples. Backed by 35 years of experience, their new book, The Remarriage Checkup, is also backed by research from the largest remarried study ever conducted. Boasting over 50,000 participating remarrying couples, the National Survey of Couples Creating Stepfamilies was commissioned by Olson, the founder of Life Innovations and the PREPARE/ENRICH program.


“We examined the profiles of over 100,000 people to discover the qualities that best predict highly satisfying relationships and the roadblocks couples must overcome in order to beat the odds of divorce,” said Olson. “Some of our findings will validate what you already know about successful relationships; others will surprise you.”


“For instance, 7 of the top 12 stumbling blocks for remarrying couples are related to a past relationship breakup (divorce) or to the complications of being a stepfamily,” said Deal, noting these are both unique situations to remarried couples.


Yet The Remarriage Checkup is more than facts and findings—it is interactive help for remarried couples. Included with the book is a free individual online relationship diagnostic survey. When the book and survey results are used together, couples will discover customized, practical help they can apply directly to their own relationship.


“This book provides a map for couples on the unique journey of remarriage,” said Olson. “You will know when to feel confident in your relationship and what must improve to avoid disaster.”


Backed by the world-renowned PREPARE/ENRICH program, Deal and Olson explore issues such as communication, finances, sexuality, parenting, and spiritually. By bringing experience and expertise together, The Remarriage Checkup gives couples the tools they need to build a remarriage that lasts a lifetime.



Surprising Findings:


1.   The number one relationship problem for remarried couples is dealing with complex stepfamily issues.


Making the differences between first marriages and remarriages undeniable, our research reveals that an astonishing 7 of the top 12 stumbling blocks for remarriage couples are related to a past relationship breakup (e.g., divorce) or to the complications of being a stepfamily.


2.   The remarriage divorce rate is between 10-25% higher than first marriages. Why does that occur?


Fear and jealousy account for a lot of it and predict with 93% accuracy whether couples have a close, intimate remarriage or a struggling, unhappy one.


3.   People marry because they fall in love with a person, but they often divorce because of the complications of the stepfamily.


Eighty-eight percent of individuals expected difficulty related to having a stepfamily and 86% thought having children from previous relationships would add stress to their marriage—and they are right. It does.


4.   Read more surprising findings here… 



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