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Michael, from California (submitted Nov '09)


Name: Michael

Home: California


After 9 years of marriage & 13 1/2 total years together, my wife & step daughter are now estranged from me since July of this year.


The relationship with my step-daughter, whom I have raised since she was 2 years old, had become what a secular counselor called "toxic". I didn't disagree - my heart had become hardened & blackened over the last 3 years as I struggled with depression (& a search for answers) & she struggled with adolescence.


Being outside of a relationship with Christ & lacking a daily infusion of love & hope, things finally imploded. I was served with divorce papers.


God now has my FULL attention & FULL devotion & my search for a source of answers has ended & my salvation is secured for eternity. I have a new heart & a new mind set.


I continue to pray & read & study; God continues to mold & shape my character while my wife & daughter continue to keep me at arm's length. I know what God's will is for my marriage & family based on scripture; I pray for a miraculous change in the hearts of the two women that mean the most to me.


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