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Marie, from US (submitted May '09)



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My husband and i attended your seminar about a year ago. There has been some improvements in the way that he treats my children and myself. However, we are still strugleing. His ex-wife and i get along great and i love his daughter. At times she can be a bit selfish but i know that is just part of growning up. I try to treat all of the kids, his daughter (12) and my daughter (11) and son (8) the same. The kids get along really well but the girls sometimes fight the older one wants to tell the younger one what to do. My husband loves his daughter very much and thinks she does nothing wrong, but is very hard on my kids at times. My kids are expected to help around the house but his child rarely does. He picks at them and calls them names like ugly and stuff like that. I have asked him to stop but he says he means nothing by it, but i ask him what would he do if i called his child ugly and he said he would leave. He is very controlling on most things and i have given in but i want him to treat my children the same way as he treats his daughter. He says that he will never be able to do that, that he loves my kids but he will never love them as much as he does his daughter. When i try to discuss this with him he blows up and starts calling me names. He refuses to go to church with me and the kids. I was a single mom for 8 years before i meet him and we have been married for 2 years. My kids and i are starting to think that we were better off alone. I really don't want to loose another marriage but i am trouble at how hard it is for him to show love to my children and at many times me. Please pray for us all.

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