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The Elephant in the Bedroom: Cohabitation, Remarriage, and What's Best for Your Relationship

Most couples today cohabit before remarriage.  Is it healthy for the relationship?  Is it a true test of the couple's relationship; is it a "trial marriage" that helps them move toward commitment?  Find out what you need to know...

Link: https://smartstepfamilies.com/view/cohabitation

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#1: by terri on 02.28.2011 @ 05:58pm CST

i just read this and cried and cried. My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost 4 years. I want to marry, but he has never brought up the subject, just that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Now I am so torn apart reading this. I can't throw him out just to say come back when we get married!! He has no where to go! He can't afford a place on his own, and neither can I!! In our hearts we are married, and committed to each other. But you say we are not following God's will and our relationship will not last? So kick him out, still date him, while we go into debt spending what we don't have, so we can move back in together at a later date? I have two grown children who are in college, and he has two small children who come here on the weekends. What would we tell them? Their bedroom is now not theirs anymore? Daddy has no home here anymore? I just think that would be so upsetting to them after they lost their first home due to the divorce when he had to sell it. PLEASE, there must be some other way

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