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Finding a Mate

Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 1) -- Seek Godly Counsel

It's easy to fool yourself as you fall in love with someone who seems like the "perfect partner."
Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 2) --The Dating Process

How will you beat the odds against a successful remarriage? How will you go the distance, as others fall by the wayside? Are there ways to reduce the risk of failure and improve marital happiness in remarriage? The answers are simple: You must allow God to lead and guide you to find a suitable mate...
Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 3) --There's No Substitute for Spirituality

Many Christians believe that God's will for their lives is very specific--including one right marriage partner selected for them by the Lord. Of course, this belief becomes more problematic for those considering remarriage. Was the prior spouse the "right one" or the "wrong one"? Will your remarriage partner now be the "right one"?

Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 4) --Don't Ignore the Stop Signs!

Before you invest your future, and that of your children, into a remarriage partnership with your beloved, watch and listen very carefully. Be sure you know who and what you're dealing with. If you have any reasonable doubts about your beloved, or nagging uncertainties about your relationship...the best investment of your life would be to pass on the relationship and wait for God's best.

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