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Smart Stepfamilies

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Decisions about Marriage

Is Remarriage A Step in the Right Direction?

Single-parents often ask, "Should I remarry?  What will be the impact on my children?  How do I know when we are ready for remarriage?"  The decision to remarry is a difficult one, but one thing is for sure--go into remarriage with both eyes open!
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Thinking About Remarriage?

"I don’t see why I should have to change anything! After all, he’s moving into our house." This statement came from the same daughter who had joyfully helped me select the pale pink satin for the wedding dress I’d be wearing in a few weeks. With words and attitude, I felt like she’d thrown down the gauntlet.
Divorced? Don't Even Think of Remarrying Until You Read This

Hara Marano wrote this piece for Psychology Today where she is editor at large, after attending the 1999 Smart Marriages conference.  From the Smart Marriages website.
Unrealistic Expectation #439: My Life is My Own

I keep running into expectations that really set people up for disappointment and frustration--and this one’s a doosy!
The Elephant in the Bedroom: Cohabitation, Remarriage, and What’s Best for Your Relationship

Most couples today cohabit before remarriage.  Is it healthy for the relationship?  Is it a true test of the couple's relationship; is it a "trial marriage" that helps them move toward commitment?  Find out what you need to know...

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