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Smart Stepfamilies

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Understanding & Helping the Children

Jealous Children

When Mike and Patty started to date, they were both excited about finding someone who knew how it felt to be deserted by a spouse...Freely admitting the mistakes of the past, faithfully committed to God, and with the help of accountability groups for support and change, they thought they could make a "go" of it. But the kids weren’t so easily convinced.
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Helping Children Through the Losses of Life

Becoming Brothers

After about three months, Chandler and Zach realized that this remarriage was real and that their parents were not going to reconcile after all.  With the realization that this new life was not going to end, Chandler and Zach seemed to blame each other for their disappointment.  We routinely heard “I hate him,” and “He hates me!” 
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Life Commentary: Between Two Worlds

What is it like to live between your parent's worlds?  What dilemmas does this pose for children and how can parents be sensitive to their children?
When Life Hurts: Understanding Children and Loss

During dinner and his first date a few years after his divorce Doug received a text message from his twelve year-old daughter, Danielle, “I know you don’t want to talk to me anymore, but I want to tell you something—have fun without me because I’m all by myself now.”
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Caught in the Middle: The Loyalty Tug-of War

To understand the behavior of children in stepfamilies (including adult stepchildren), you must understand loyalty and the natural tug-of-war it creates. 
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Life in a Blender

Learn how to help your kids deal with challenges of living in a blender.
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