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Smart Stepfamilies

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The Smart Stepfamily

 · Book Review


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This practical, proven resource from author and stepfamily trainer Ron Deal will bless your home (hardback, 271 pages). 

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  • Perfect for stepfamily adults and single-parents whose children live in a stepfamily part-time.

    "I'm only a chapter and a half into your book and it's done more for me than all the counseling we've had up till now." (father in Nebraska)

  • Those considering remarriage can prepare for stepfamily living.

  • Ministry Leaders--discussion questions at the end of each chapter make it the premier ministry tool for stepfamily groups, Bible classes, and pre-remarital counseling.  The feedback is already coming in: 

            "Last night our stepfamily couples group dove into chapter one.  The head-nodding and "ummm-huh's" of affirmation told me that we are in for an incredible journey!  Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful learning tool for these stepfamilies.  One couple on the brink of divorce after a year of remarriage have a renewed sense of purpose for their marriage.  We are being blessed!  Again, thank you."
                                                                                         Southern California

            "Last night we had our biweekly Blended Family Educational Group meeting...we started using your book as a study guide and found it serving quite well as a point of discussion for everyone..  It was obvious that using your book allowed for open conversation about family issues that have been internalized until now.  Thanks for writing your book."
                                                                                         Douglas Pittman,
                                                                                            Brentwood, TN

    For more information on starting a stepfamily ministry in your church, click here.

    From the Experts:

    "Finally!  We have been waiting for Ron to write this book for years--and it is well worth the wait.  The Smart Stepfamily is sure to meet a desperate need in the Christian community.  It's practical applications coupled with Biblical grounding make it an outstanding tool for anyone interested in the difficult task of blending a family."
    Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
    Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

    "Ron Deal has given the church and stepfamilies a real gem with his book.  Ron compassionately and competently describes the spiritual and relational challenges facing stepfamilies.  He provides practical and wise instruction for successfully navigating the stepfamily journey.  'The Smart Stepfamily' is the best book available for stepfamilies that I've seen.  I'm convinced it will prove to be a valuable resource for stepfamilies.  Buy it, read it, and share it with a friend."
    Dennis Rainey
    Executive Director, FamilyLife

    "Ron Deal has, by far, the best material available on stepfamilies...Every stepfamily will benefit from reading this book."
    H. Norman Wright
    Author of over 60 books on the family

    "I love this book!  It adds an important dimension to the understanding of stepfamilies and reads as if sitting with wise friends.  Written on the 'information is power' premise, The Smart Stepfamily weaves together a review of biblical materials, current psychological and sociological research, best practices, practical insights, and anecdotal stories to educate and support stepfamilies and the clergy who serve them."
    Dr. Margorie Engel
    President and CEO, Stepfamily Association of America

    "Written by a PREPARE/ENRICH Counselor, this book is a great resource for both stepfamilies and for those working with them.  The book is full of practical advice and ideas  to help deal with current issues and prevent future ones.  The book is built on a Christian foundation and deals with the complexity of stepfamily issues.  He has sections in the book dealing with both premarital and married couples that are stepfamilies...you will find this book of great value."
    Dr. David Olson
    President, Life Innovations, Inc.
    Developer, PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory

    "Your book is truly wonderful!  I would love every new stepfamily to read it."
    Lisa Marie Metzler
    Contributing Editor
    iParenting Media

    The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family

  • By Ron L. Deal

    (Bethany House Publishers, Hardback, 271 pages)

    Table of Contents:


    Section 1: Headed for the Promised Land!

    • Chapter 1  Through Wilderness Wanderings
    • Chapter 2  Key Stepping Stones

    Section 2: 7 STEPS in the Journey

    • Chapter 3   STEP Up!...to discover a redemptive God who loves, forgives, and provides strength and direction for the journey.
    • Chapter 4   STEP Down...your expectations and learn how to cook a stepfamily.
    • Chapter 5   Two STEP...The marital bond is critical to stepfamily success, but often becomes lost in the stepfamily forest.
    • Chapter 6   STEP in Line (Part I)...with the parenting team.
    • Chapter 7   STEP in Line (Part II)...parent and stepparent roles.
    • Chapter 8   Side STEP...the pitfalls common to stepfamilies.
    • Chapter 9   STEP Through...the wilderness.  Overcoming special challenges.
    • Chapter 10  STEP Over...into the Promised Land.  Stories of those who are making it.
    • Chapter 11  SMART Questions, SMART Answers

    Section 3: A Message to the Church

    • Chapter 12 Ministering to Stepfamilies
    • A Final Word of Encouragement
    • Appendix A - Resources for Stepfamilies and Churches
    • Appendix B - Medical Permission to Treat Minor Children

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