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Smart Stepfamilies

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       ·  Shared Stories
         ·  Dating Spy
         ·  Alex
         ·  StepMom of 2
         ·  Lillian
         ·  Hope in Tennessee
         ·  Ledesna from CA
         ·  Hopeless in KY
         ·  Laura from South Carolina
         ·  Virginia from Ohio
         ·  Brandi
         ·  John in Canada
         ·  Confused in GA
         ·  Pastor Jan from Michigan
         ·  Rachel from CA
         ·  Sara
         ·  Nicole from CO
         ·  Karin
         ·  Jamie
         ·  Dee
         ·  Betty
         ·  Melissa from Ohio
         ·  Tim
         ·  starzout3
         ·  Melanie from Byron, IL
         ·  Journeywoman from USA
         ·  Joy from Texas
         ·  A. from California
         ·  Debbie, from South Africa
         ·  Julie, from Michigan
         ·  Rachel, from USA
         ·  Elisabeth, from USA
         ·  Zane, from Arkansas
         ·  Penny, from USA
         ·  Sandra, from Virginia
         ·  Denise, from Arkansas
         ·  Linda, from Arizona
         ·  Missi, from Texas
         ·  Melanie, from Illinois
         ·  Dianne, from Texas
         ·  Lauren, from Colorado
         ·  Little One's Mom, from USA
         ·  Glenda, from Florida
         ·  Dee Joyce, from Florida
         ·  Michael, from California
         ·  Lynne from Washington State
         ·  MH, from Virginia
         ·  Cynthia Kelly, Delaware
         ·  bigmammT, USA
         ·  Esther Daniel, from Nigeria
         ·  Rhonda, from Missouri
         ·  L.M., from US
         ·  Tracie, from Ohio
         ·  M.S., from Kansas
         ·  Stepmom2, from Texas
         ·  Mary, from South Carolina
         ·  Phylicia from CA
         ·  Scared, from South Africa
         ·  Kristee Christy
         ·  CPL, from USA
         ·  Marie, from US
         ·  Betti, from Maryland
         ·  Autumn, from Texas
         ·  Rosa, from Mississippi
         ·  Lynn, from Florida
         ·  Rebekah, from Texas
         ·  Shanna Berry from Alabama
         ·  Linda from Nebraska
         ·  Dave, from Ohio
         ·  Don Brown from Iowa
         ·  Anonymous stepmom, from Virginia
     ·  Stepfamily Living
       ·  Apps for Stepfamilies
       ·  How God Uses Family Life to Disciple Us
       ·  Stepping Up in a Stepfamily
       ·  Don't Go Nuclear!
       ·  "DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? …..NO!"
       ·  How to Cook a Stepfamily
       ·  Soothing Holiday Stresses
       ·  Combining Holiday and Family Traditions
       ·  Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Step-Stress This Christmas
       ·  When the "White Picket Fence" Fades
       ·  Twenty Pro-Active Suggestions for Bridge Building in Blended Families
       ·  Is There Sunken Treasure in Your Home?
       ·  No Apologies Necessary: Building Your Home With Purpose
       ·  Learning to Roll With Change
       ·  Living Arrangements
       ·  Food Fight!
       ·  "Thankful, Thanksgiving Stories"
       ·  New Beginnings
       ·  Working Together
       ·  Playing Together
       ·  Stepfamily Math
       ·  Tradition, Tradition! Creating Christ-Centered Traditions for Your Thanksgiving & Christmas
       ·  Six Steps Forward, Not Looking Back
       ·  Unrealistic Expectation #439: My Life is My Own
       ·  Counting the Dog Years
       ·  Not for Sale!
       ·  Tightrope
       ·  A Touch of Inspiration Out of the Mouth of Babes
       ·  The Stepfamily Vacation
       ·  11 Survival Tips for the Early Years
       ·  One is Silver, the Other Gold
       ·  Holiday Hope… for Single Parents and Blending Families
       ·  A New Family
       ·  Enduring Disharmony
       ·  Smart Churches, Smart Stepfamilies
       ·  I Choose To Love You
       ·  Weathering Storms in a Stepfamily
       ·  Preserve Your Life -- Hold Your Tongue
       ·  Creating a Family Identity
       ·  Tribute to John Visher, MD
       ·  Play!
       ·  Creating an Enjoyable Stepfamily Holiday
       ·  Foxholes
       ·  Overcoming the Jealousy Monster
       ·  The Blame Game
       ·  Is it Graduation Time?
       ·  Resurrected Pain
       ·  Weddings and the Stepfamily
       ·  A Christmas Remembered
       ·  Flex Your Muscles
       ·  The Dance of Want
       ·  Talking Blended
       ·  A Matter of Perspective
       ·  Christmas Reminders
       ·  A Shot in the Arm
       ·  New Faces in the Frame
       ·  The 5 Biggest Mistakes Stepfamilies Make
       ·  Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily, 14-day FREE sample
     ·  Sharing Hope & Finding Help
       ·  How To Find a Competent Christian Stepfamily Therapist
       ·  "How Can I Light A Ministry Fire Under My Minister?"
       ·  Starting Your Local Ministry
       ·  Stepfamilies and the Genealogy of Jesus
     ·  Marriage Smarts
       ·  Stepfamilies: What About the Couple Relationship?
       ·  Protecting Your Marriage: Avoiding the Six Predictors of Divorce (Part 1 of 2)
       ·  Protecting Your Marriage: The Art of the Repair Attempt (Part 2 of 2)
       ·  Lost & Found: Pain and Grace of Remarriage
       ·  Adding Significance to Your Marriage
       ·  When Love Isn't Enough
       ·  Maximize Your Fun-Factor
       ·  After The Wedding: The Honeymoon is Over
       ·  Sex the Second Time Around
       ·  Your Spouse Grieves Too
       ·  Managing the Fires of Conflict in Marriage
       ·  Recipe for a Happy Marriage (Serves Two)
       ·  Ghost Whispers
       ·  Shared Ghost Busting: When Your Spouse Has a Ghost
       ·  Couple Flexibility: A Hidden Key to Marital Intimacy (Part 1)
       ·  Relational Flexibility (Couple Flexibility Part 2)
       ·  The Heart of Flexibility (Couple Flexibility Part 3)
       ·  We Both have Baggage... But it’s Cute and it Matches!
       ·  Key Qualities for Great Lovemaking*
       ·  Healthy Boundaries: New Partners & Old Ones
       ·  Enhancing Your Sexual Intimacy
       ·  Remarriage Sex: Tips for Not Getting Caught in the Past
       ·  Healthy Sexpectations
       ·  Both the Marriage and the Kids
       ·  A Daily Dose of Marriage Wisdom
       ·  Building Your Stepfamily Safety Net
       ·  Staying Close
       ·  Ruts & Bruises
       ·  God's Purpose for Marriage
       ·  The Communication Difference
     ·  The Smart Stepmother
       ·  The Smart Stepmom: Introduction
       ·  Prayers for Stepmom's
       ·  I Knew I Was a Stepmother When...
       ·  Loving the Stepmomster
       ·  A Struggling Stepmother
       ·  You're Not My Mom!
       ·  Jeannie, from Louisiana. Learning From a Good Stepmom
       ·  Mother’s Day: What’s a Stepmother to Do?
       ·  Finding Time to Dance & Dine: Time for Romance (Part 1)
       ·  Finding Time to Dance & Dine (Part 2)
       ·  Finding Time to Dance & Dine (Part 3)
       ·  The Stepmother Journey
       ·  Stepping with Purpose ebook (PDF)
       ·  Stepmom to Stepmom
     ·  Parenting & Stepparenting
       ·  When Your Child's Other Home is Leading Them Away From Christ
       ·  How to Build a Healthy Relationship With Your Stepchild
       ·  When Your Spouse is Deployed
       ·  Smart Stepparenting
       ·  Parenting Alienated Children
       ·  Accepting My New Spouse as a Parent to My Children
       ·  Winning Your Stepchild
       ·  The Wicked Stepmother--and Other Ridiculous Stepmother Myths
       ·  The Sane Step: Pitfalls to Avoid
       ·  Choose Simplicity
       ·  Parenting: Keeping the End in Mind
       ·  Discpline Strategies: Catch Them Doing Something Right!
       ·  Parenting: Managing Yourself
       ·  Stepfathering Adolescents: It Takes Patience, Flexibility, & Humor
       ·  Discipline Strategies That Work: Talk Less, Act More
       ·  Stepparent Tool Box
       ·  Stepparent Inspiration: Two Little Words
       ·  A Work in Progress
       ·  Seeing God's Answer
       ·  Open Hands, Open Heart
       ·  The Worst Father's Day, The Best Father's Day
       ·  The Effective Step Father
       ·  His Number One Girl
       ·  Unrealistic Expectation #439: My Life is My Own
       ·  Stepparents: Coping with the Weekend
       ·  Erma Bombeck on Stepfathers
       ·  The Name Game
       ·  Paralyzed Parenting & Stepfamilies: When You Don’t Follow Through
       ·  Learning From a Good Stepmom
       ·  Hope for the Struggling Stepparent
       ·  The Parental Unity Rules
       ·  Instilling the Attitude of Gratitude
       ·  Helping Children Cope with Loss: Practice Emotional Coaching
       ·  Bridge Building Tips for Stepparents
       ·  Parental Pitfall: Always Playing Defense
       ·  Stepparenting Smart: Finding Your Place
       ·  What Do We Do Now? When Stepsiblings Have Sex
       ·  A Christmas Remembered
       ·  Stepparenting: The Attachment Difference
       ·  Changing the Rules
       ·  Part-Time Parenting
       ·  When the Going Gets Tough, Click Reboot
       ·  More Precious Than Rubies: Step Father Wisdom
       ·  Stepparenting Teens
       ·  Where's Mom? The Disengaged Biological Parent
       ·  After a Parent Dies: Tips for Stepparents
       ·  Stepparent Encouragement for the Long Journey
       ·  Guide, Guard, and Direct: The Overprotective Parent
       ·  Playing Favorites
       ·  Stepparenting Do's and Don'ts
       ·  Maintaining Touch-points
       ·  Parenting Troubling Emotions
       ·  Between a Rock and a Hard Place
       ·  Step Father, What Do Your Kids Need?
     ·  Understanding & Helping the Children
       ·  Jealous Children
       ·  Helping Children Through the Losses of Life
       ·  Becoming Brothers
       ·  Life Commentary: Between Two Worlds
       ·  When Life Hurts: Understanding Children and Loss
       ·  Caught in the Middle: The Loyalty Tug-of War
       ·  Life in a Blender
     ·  Ex-Spouses, Co-Parenting, & Multiple Home Realities
       ·  Common Steps for Co-Parents
       ·  10 Respectful Strategies to Use with an Unhealthy Co-Parent
       ·  Dealing with a Difficult Ex-Spouse
       ·  From Eggshells to Empathy
       ·  Facing the Authorities: What Happens When an Officer Knocks on Your Door?
       ·  Every Other Weekend and Noon on Christmas: Adjusting to Part-Time Parenting
       ·  Seven Beattitudes for Successful Co-Parenting
       ·  Keeping Your Cool in the Heat of Summer Visitation Planning
       ·  Preparing for the Holidays
       ·  Photos & Memorabilia
       ·  The "I" Factor
       ·  Parent Forward
       ·  A Gracious Thing… in the Sight of God!
       ·  “Business Meeting Mentality” for the Sake of the Children
       ·  “CoGrandparenting!” for the Sake of the Children
       ·  Cheerlead the Other Parent!
       ·  Tis the Season to Share the Children
       ·  Parenting After Divorce
       ·  Cooperative Co-Parenting
       ·  6-week Summer Sleepover!
       ·  Dealing with a Destructive Ex-Spouse
       ·  Between Home Boundaries
     ·  Step-Money
       ·  $tepfamily Finance$: Money & $tuff
       ·  $tepfamily Finance$: Money & $tuff-- Part 2
       ·  $tepfamily Finance$: Money & $tuff-- Part 3
       ·  $tepfamily Finance$: Money & $tuff-- Part 4
       ·  Foolproof Money Mistakes
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 1: Why is Money Such a Problem?
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 2: Financial Harmony in Remarriage
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 3: Emphasizing With One's Life Experiences
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 4: Inventorying Our Blessings And Responsibilities
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 5: How To Keep The Issue Of Separateness From Pulling Your Remarriage Apart
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 6: Getting Started As A Remarriage Couple
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 7: Special Financial Issues To Consider Before Remarriage--Estate Planning
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 8: Getting Started as a Remarriage Couple
       ·  Remarriage Finances Part 9: Putting Your Remarriage Financial Plan Into Action
       ·  Remarital Finances Part 10: Private Trusts and Premarital Agreements In Remarriage
       ·  Remarital Finances Part 11: Private Trusts And Premarital Agreements In Remarriage--Psychological and Legal Concerns
       ·  Remarital Finances Part 12: Making Allowances: Modeling Good Financial Conduct For All Children In A Blending Family
       ·  Money Questions for Dating Couples
       ·  Estate Planning: When and How to use a Shared Covenant Agreement in a Christian Remarriage
       ·  Step-Money: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
     ·  Later-life Stepfamilies
       ·  Adult Stepfamilies
       ·  Adult Stepfamilies: Bridging Connection Across the Generations
       ·  Normal
       ·  Second-half Stepfamilies
     ·  Special Topics
       ·  Stepgrandparenting: Bringing the Outsider In
       ·  Autism and the Blended Family
     ·  Recommended Resources for Stepfamilies
     ·  Permission Forms for Stepfamilies
   ·  Articles for Single-Parents and Dating/Engaged Couples
     ·  Decisions about Marriage
       ·  Is Remarriage A Step in the Right Direction?
       ·  Thinking About Remarriage?
       ·  Divorced? Don't Even Think of Remarrying Until You Read This
       ·  Unrealistic Expectation #439: My Life is My Own
       ·  The Elephant in the Bedroom: Cohabitation, Remarriage, and What’s Best for Your Relationship
     ·  Finding a Mate
       ·  Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 1) -- Seek Godly Counsel
       ·  Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 2) --The Dating Process
       ·  Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 3) --There's No Substitute for Spirituality
       ·  Finding A Suitable Remarriage Partner (Part 4) --Don't Ignore the Stop Signs!
       ·  12 Traits of an Abuser
     ·  Preparing for Success
       ·  10 Things to Know Before You Remarry
       ·  Premarital Counseling for Those Pondering Remarriage
       ·  Common Steps for Co-Parents
       ·  Dealing with a Difficult Ex-Spouse
       ·  Secure Your Mask
       ·  Covenant Marriage: A Marriage to Last a Lifetime
       ·  Seven Beattitudes for Successful Co-Parenting
       ·  Children & Remarriage: The Family Wedding
       ·  Do-It-Yourself Pre-stepfamily Preparation
     ·  Wise Dating & Courtship Practices
       ·  Kids, Getting Married, and Moving
       ·  How does God feel about sex before marriage?
       ·  The Elephant in the Bedroom: Cohabitation, Remarriage, and What's Best for Your Relationship
       ·  Dating Red Flags
       ·  Money Questions for Dating Couples
       ·  Mountain Environments of Dating
       ·  Into the Meadow
       ·  What Happens in the Meadow
       ·  Why Responsible, Dependable Dating Single Parents Lose their Mind
       ·  Myths of the Meadow
       ·  Double Extreme Environments
       ·  When a Parent Dates a Non-Parent
       ·  The Dating Game
       ·  Best Practices for Dating Single Parents
(and the Singles Who Date Them)
       ·  Dating Wisdom
     ·  Ex-Spouses, Co-Parenting, & Multiple Home Realities
   ·  Articles for Educators & Ministry Leaders
     ·  Stepfamily Ministry
     ·  Redeeming the Remarried
     ·  Ministering to Stepfamilies
     ·  Getting Serious About Preventing Redivorce
     ·  Guiding Stepfamilies Through Wilderness Wanderings
     ·  We Need Help So Desperately!
     ·  A Philosophy of Family Life Ministry
     ·  Starting Your Local Ministry
     ·  That's Interesting!
     ·  Getting Remarried with Children: Effective Pre-Stepfamily Counseling
     ·  Pre-Stepcouple Counseling: A Sample Session Format
     ·  Second Marriages: Helping Couples Embrace a Positive Future
     ·  Ministering to Children of Divorce Through Their Lives
     ·  The Stepcouple Divorce Rate
     ·  Recommended Resources for Stepfamily Ministry
     ·  Divided Loyalties
     ·  What is it with Men and Commitment, Anyway?
     ·  Stepfamily Developmental Tasks
     ·  Making A Difference: Ministering to 21st Century Families
     ·  Non-traditional Family Continuum of Care: A Ministry Model
     ·  Scriptural Issues Related to Divorce and Remarriage
       ·  There is (Spiritual) Life After Divorce!
       ·  The Present Indicative in Matthew 19:9
       ·  Three Weddings and a Divorce
       ·  Online Videos with Dr. David Instone-Brewer
     ·  Acknowledging Stepparent's on Mother's Day and Father's Day?
     ·  Why the Couple Checkup?
     ·  Smart Churches, Smart Stepfamilies
     ·  Jon and Kate Plus 25
     ·  Being an Effective Teacher: What Makes the Difference?
     ·  A Call to Action: Reaction to the Pew Research Report
     ·  Helping Stepfamilies When Things Go Wrong
   ·  Counselor Quick Links
   ·  Client Quick Links
·  SAVE - Marriage Therapy Intensives
   ·  Relationship Coaching
     ·  What is Relationship Coaching & How Does it Work?
     ·  Getting Started
     ·  Family Life Ministry Coaching
     ·  About Coach Ron
   ·  Marriage Therapy Intensive Feedback
·  Donate to the Stepping Forward Campaign
·  Links
·  EDUCATE - Blended Family Ministry & Professional Training
   ·  Marriage, Family, & Stepfamily Statistics
   ·  Recommended Resources
   ·  Small Group Study Guides
   ·  Resource Handouts
   ·  The Stepcouple Divorce Rate
   ·  A Call to Action: Reaction to the Pew Research Report
   ·  Counselor Quick Links
·  Contact Us
   ·  About Ron Deal
   ·  About Smart Stepfamilies
   ·  Media
·  The Smart Stepfamily Bonus Material & Deleted Chapters (2014 edition)
   ·  Smart Step Three: Two-STEP (Marriage)
   ·  Smart Questions, Smart Answers
   ·  Tools for Helping Children Thrive Between Homes
   ·  An Open Letter to Co-Parents
   ·  Family Meetings: A Tool for Problem Solving
   ·  Managing Your Money
   ·  Promised Land Stories: Hope for the Journey
   ·  A Message to the Church: Ministering to Stepfamilies
   ·  How Does Scripture Apply to Stepfamilies?
   ·  Permission Forms for Stepfamilies